Top 7 Best Simultion Games For Android in 2019

Best Simultion Games For Android

Best Simultion Games For Android in 2019 - Do you still remember, no, what were your ideals when you were young? Although fate is not necessarily supportive, everyone must have ideals, whether it be a pilot, engineer, even a film director. If you include those who have not achieved your goals, there is no harm in trying simulator games that can be played on PC.

These simulator games don't just let you experience the sensation of doing what you want. There are also lesson values ​​that you can take. The problem is, even though they are simulated, these games are arranged in such a way as to present an experience that is not far from reality.

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1. Microsoft Flight Simulator

This game made by ACES Studio from Microsoft will quench the thirst of the lovers of the aviation world. Released in 2006, this game truly permits an aircraft simulation experience with details that are not kidding. Starting from the appearance of the cockpit and the buttons in it to the applicable physical laws, all of you will face as a pilot in this game.

That's not all. The aircraft provided are also varied. For example, small-scale aircraft such as Cessna, Glider, and helicopters and heavyweight aircraft such as the Boeing 747 or Airbus A380. Interestingly again, this game has an additional module so you can feel like a real pilot with the atmosphere of the aircraft in Indonesia, you know!

2. The Sims 4

Since it first appeared in 2000, The Sims game series has often been the choice of many people who want to live another life. This franchise also has presented many titles for various platforms, ranging from PCs to mobile, with different features. Through The Sims 4, which was released in 2014, Maxis and Electronic Arts (EA) seem to really want to give a more real life simulation.

Actually, The Sims 4 comes with a lower minimum specification than The Sims 3. However, this game allows quite a lot of new features, such as sharper visuals and emotions from the Sims that can change. The flow of life and the types of activities that can be done are increasingly diverse so you will feel at home playing this game all day. Eits, don't forget about real life!

3. Euro Truck Simulator 2

The simulation game developed by SCS Software is quite unique. Instead of being asked to be the fastest on the road, you are required to be a good truck driver by carrying containers according to the order. Realistically, you also have to choose and maintain the truck regularly so that the truck is always in top condition and ready to travel.

As a driver, you have a duty to take care of trucks and order items so they don't get damaged while on the go. Later, you will receive a salary and get a reputation increase every time you successfully carry out the mission well. Vice versa if the item is damaged or the delivery time is delayed. Even though the main background is in Europe, there are also additional modules for those who want to experience the sensation of being a truck driver in Indonesia.

4. The Movies

Do you have any aspiration to become a film director? If so, you should try playing this one game. Not only working on a film, you will also design your own film studio while forging the careers of film stars. The story, the film that you've made will be screened in Hollywood and contested with other films.

This game, which is a collaboration between Lionhead Studios and Robosoft Technologies, allows you to do many things related to film production. Starting from the audition of the cast, training actors, to regulating the rhythm of film production, all you have to do correctly is to be the most successful in the Hollywood industry. You are also required to maintain the mood of the crew so that they can carry out the role optimally.

5. SimCity 4

Maxis and EA not only exemplify the desires of people to build lives, but also satisfy those who desire to build and organize the city of dreams. Through this game which was released in 2003, you will feel how it feels to be the mayor. You have to build three types of areas, namely shops, industry, as well as residences and various public facilities, in a balanced way so that a fostered city can flourish and its population is happy.

For the sake of increasing closeness to reality, this game also presents natural disasters that can come at any time. The goal of this game is quite simple, which is to develop an advanced city. The indicators are not only the physical buildings, but also the financial, environmental and quality of life of the population.

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6. Farming Simulator 17

You could say, Farming Simulator 17 results made by Giants Software is the best-selling agricultural simulation game ever. In this game, you can become a successful farmer who is equipped with various advanced technologies to optimize the land. Proximity to the flow of suitable planting in the real world is the main attraction of this simulation game.

In addition to the addition of new plant seeds, such as radishes, sunflowers, and soybeans, Farming Simulator 17 also presents several interesting features in the form of a radio to find out the latest news and a train that can be run alone. With a fairly complex game concept, immediately you will be required to fully understand agricultural management in order to be successful farming in this game.

7. Football Manager 2018

Soccer games aren't just about playing a team in a match. In a game developed by Sports Interactive and released by Sega, you are required to build a soccer team. The suitability of the players with the reality that occurs on the field, also supported by the latest artificial intelligence technology, makes this game much loved by football lovers. Therefore, it is not surprising that almost every year the game is always released the latest version.

At the end of 2017, the latest version of this game was officially released. In addition to more complete player info and a more interactive game, this latest release is predicted to be the most realistic and most difficult version of Football Manager ever. Challenged to prove it?

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