Top 7 Best Fighting Games For Android in 2019

Best Fighting Games For Android

Best Fighting Games For Android in 2019 - To fill spare time and kill boredom, maybe playing games is the antidote. Not just as a stress reliever, it turns out playing games also trains the balance of our right brain so that we are smarter.

Therefore, there are times when you have to cool-down your brain by playing games that can entertain. Not only entertaining, but you also have to choose quality games, especially those that have a rather decent level of difficulty.

Well, to be able to get the sensation of playing the game as explained earlier, you can play a fighting type game or fight. Where in this game you are required to make strategies and decisions quickly.

What kind of strategy? Of course, the ability to fight is classy, ​​when to defend, and when to attack.

Here YaTekno has collected eleven titles of the best fighting games on android that are taken based on popularity, rating, gameplay, and positive reviews of gamers. What are the lists? Here goes the review.

1. Shadow Fight 2

For you who like to play games on Android, maybe the name Shadow Fight 2 is no longer familiar to you. One genre of fighting game that is somewhat unique. Because the graphics presented here are only the shadow of the character with a background that seems fierce.

In this game made by NEKKI, you will fight 1 on 1 like the Street Fighter game. As for the gameplay, this game has a more realistic fighting style. So you will be a little difficult when controlling the character in launching various moves.

2. Mortal Combat X

Do you like fighting games with blood effects? If so, then Mortal Kombat X is the right choice for you to play. Although it's not as good as the console version, players will still feel the graphics are quite good and are supported with controls that are not so complicated.

To be able to enjoy this game, unfortunately, you have to have qualified specifications, at least a Quad-Core processor with 2GB of RAM.

3. WWE Immortals

For this type of fighting game, the game under the auspices of Warner Bros. has a graphic presentation that is perfect. Moreover, players will be spoiled with game controls that are so comfortable, such as attacking, defending, and moving the character.
The characters in WWE Immortals may already be very familiar to film and game lovers of Smack Down. It's just that the character is made more ferocious in this game.

For the gameplay itself, it might not be much different from Injustice Gods Among Us. Yep, certainly gamers will not be disappointed with all aspects of this game.

4. EA Sports UFC

EA Sports UFC is an action game adapted from the MMA fighting style. His fighting style is almost the same as the previous game. Where players can make various attacks through punches, kicks, slams, and so forth.
Like wrestling fights with MMA fighting style, of course it requires good skills to be able to read the opponent's abilities. When is the right time to defend, and when to attack. That way the victory from the ring to the next ring will be easy to achieve.

One of the interesting things in this game made by Electonic Arts when playing in career mode. When reaching consecutive wins, players can get rewards and invest so that their names skyrocket.

5. Real Boxing

For you fans of boxing, maybe this game called Real Boxing is a must for you to play. For a kind of mobile game, all aspects presented here are very perfect. Ranging from graphics, gameplay, to responsive controls.
Unlike previous fighting games, here you are only allowed to use the ability of the hand to subvert enemies. Boxing games generally may only provide control features such as attack, defense, and so forth.

Well, here you can do more than that. The reason is there are times when you have to do a combo or lethal blow to subvert your opponent. Yes, that's what makes this one fighting game different from similar games.

6. Puch Hero

If the previous boxing game requires a rather high specification, for this boxing game titled Punch Hero you can play it on a low specification android. Even so, the excitement of the gameplay presented here can at least make you play for hours.
Like the general boxing fighting style, here you can also use some abilities in hitting your opponent, ranging from uppercut, jab, straight, and many more.

Although presented in cartoon graphics, you will feel a more realistic fighting sensation with a 3D camera perspective. For you lovers of games with high adrenaline, this one boxing game might be interesting for you to try.

7. Marvel Contest of Champions

Are you a big fan of the movie Superhero from MARVEL? If so, maybe this game called MARVEL Contest of Champions is a shame if you skip it.

Like most fighting games, here you will fight 1 on 1 to prove who is more powerful fighting ability. Many names of Superhero characters that you will find here, such as Wolverine, Hulk, Captain America, Deadpool, and many others.

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  1. Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK is my game of choice, this is an action role-playing game, with a fierce context


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