Top 20 Best Offline Strategy Games for Android in 2019

One game that might be useful for you by inviting you to always think you can increase your intelligence is a strategy game. Strategy games are games that need enough brain intelligence, and also mature analysis. This makes the strategy game become one of the genres of games that gamers like. Just have your smartphone or Android device. You can play games without the need for internet quota, moreover these games can increase your intelligence. Here are 20 of the best offline strategy games on Android.

1. Badland

Top 20 Best Offline Strategy Games for Android in 2019

This game is one of the best offline strategy games because you can play it easily. If you want to win this game, all you have to do is save your clones as much as possible. In addition you also have to pass various obstacles in the forest at each level. So you have to drain your mind to make a strategy.

This game has a fairly simple gameplay so you can play it easily. In addition, this game is also relatively light and you can play it on a smartphone with low specifications. Unfortunately the graphics of this game are somewhat lacking and it looks monotonous.

2. Kingdom Rush Origins

Kingdom Rush Origins

One of the interesting strategy games is Kingdom Rush Origins which is tower defense type. So you have to build and arrange towers. But don't worry, because the towers are equipped with weapons so the enemy cannot penetrate. If you want to win this game, then you must think of a strategy and make towers that are strong enough.

Unfortunately, at some level the enemy's abilities sometimes make no sense and some bugs appear. But with the variation of the enemy attack requires us to continue to think and find solutions. In addition, this one game is also classified as a lightweight game.

3. Plants vs Zombie 2

Kingdom Rush Origins

Plants vs Zombies 2 has indeed become one of the games that is quite popular among gamers especially Android users. This zombie game was created by Electronic Arts (EA). For gameplay problems, this game is somewhat more exciting especially with the house that can protect you from zombie attacks.

In the second series of this zombie game, there are several new features that are presented. Unfortunately, this game is classified as a heavy game and there are several levels of this game that are quite difficult to conquer. So you need a special strategy if you want to win it.

4. Little Commander

Little Commander

Little Commander is a strategy game that you can play on Android and deserve to be one of the best. Moreover, you can play this game while you are offline or without the internet. This game is at first glance similar to the Command and Conquer game. However, the visual element of strategy is one of the advantages of this one game.

This game developed by Cat Studio Hk has more varied characters. But sometimes this game feels heavy and there is an imbalance of the level of difficulty at a certain level.

5. Alien Creeps TD

Alien Creeps TD

Another popular Android game with strategy and tower defense is Alien Creeps TD. This one game challenges you to make special strategies so you can survive the attacks of aliens. The aliens are trying to destroy the earth so that the continuity of the earth seems to be in your hands.

The advantage of this game is that it has excellent graphics and the details of the characters are quite interesting. Although sometimes it will be found some bugs and battles that sometimes seem boring.

6. Hills of Glory 3D

Hills of Glory 3D

Strategy games that are also quite popular are Hills of Glory 3D with the theme of war as in ancient times. You must think of a strategy in order to maintain your headquarters. But that's not all, besides defending you also have to attack enemy territory if you want to win this game.

This game created by AMA LTD has the feel of a classic war and backsound game that supports so that adds to the excitement of playing this game. However, the graphics of this game seem to bear responsibility and also the lack of weapons options.

7. Chess


If you talk about strategy games, surely this game you shouldn't just leave. Chess is a very popular and legendary strategy game. Mature game has become a game that strongly represents the word strategy. Because if you want to win this game then the main determining factor is strategy.

Game Chess was created by Al Factory Limited. This game has become one of the most complete chess games with various modes for both beginners and professionals.

8. Mushroom Wars: Space!

Mushroom Wars: Space

In Mushroom Wars, you are tasked with controlling a pack of mushrooms to fight against a pack of other mushrooms and also strange creatures like aliens. The goal, so you can control the widest area possible.

For a class of strategy games, Zillion Whales as the developer working on this game with quite simple but varied. In this game, players will be tested to think creatively and be patient in order to win the game.

9. Defend Your Life

Defend Your Life

This type of android game strategy that can be played offline is made by Alda. In this game you have an important task, which is a commander who will fight the enemy so they cannot destroy your defense system.

Of course that way you must have the right tactics in order to defeat the enemy. In addition, you also need to strengthen soldiers, build buildings and upgrade them, and various other steps.

10. Castle Doombad Free-to-Slay

Castle Doombad Free-to-Slay

Castle Doombad is a game that carries 2 genres at once; strategy and tower defense. Do not expect in this game you will become a super hero who always defends the truth. On the contrary, you are on the side of the criminal.

His job is to prevent the humans who come to save the princess you have captured. Later, the princess you catch will be taken to the top floor. While humans who will save him, appear and act from the lower floors.

You have several types of attacks that can be used, some of which are; bow arrows, traps that can knock enemies back to the ground floor, and giant creatures that can withstand attacks.

11. Tentacle Wars

Tentacle Wars

This offline strategy game presents a unique gameplay. As a developer, FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG offers micro organism war games.

The easy explanation is that your task in this game is to infect other cells in order to survive, but the problem is that these cells don't just stand still, so you have to work for it. If not, then the other cells will infect you, so game over.

12. Guns Glory Zombies

Guns Glory Zombies

This strategy game is the result of the work of HandyGames, one of the top developers from Germany. The story of this game is very exciting, where many dead people rise from the grave and become zombies. A bunch of these zombies will certainly attack you and you have to face it using weapons including gunfire.

Interestingly, the entire contents of the game including the characters in it are designed with cartoon-style animation so that it is fun and very different from most zombie games.

13. Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD

Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD

For those of you who have played tower defense games, there is a similar game that you must play, Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD. Regarding the gameplay, this Balbetime game provides a variety of characters that have unique strengths to help your defense, say Archer for example.

The exciting concept of the game and the many levels presented in this game will certainly not make you bored quickly when playing it. Try it now!

14. Tower King

Tower King

In accordance with the title of the game, here you are required to protect your tower or tower in various ways. There are more than 20 maps that present a variety of interesting themes, up to 12 types of special towers that you can use to block enemies who attack your territory.

This game called Tower King is certainly highly recommended for those of you who are looking for an offline but lightweight strategy game. For Android users version 2.3 (Gingerbread) can enjoy it.

15. Classic Bomber Legend

Classic Bomber Legend

Coming with a classic game concept, this one legendary game will certainly make you nostalgic with a game called Boomberman. How to play it is quite easy, where you only need to put a bomb at certain points to destroy the enemy there.

The bomb will automatically explode after a few seconds. For that you must be able to control the character so that the bomb does not kill you.

16. Cartoon Wars

Cartoon Wars

Cartoon Wars is a game that combines elements of tower defense with other genres. But in essence the game with a 2D camera angle requires you to make a formation pattern in the form of defense.

There are more than 20 weapons and troops that you can later upgrade, such as castles, weapons, and items.

17. Tower Crush

Tower Crush

As seen in the screenshot above, this game titled Tower Crush assigns you to build 1 tower that can load up to 6 floors. Well, the tower that you built is certainly open to just any tower.

Where you have to make the tower as strong as possible with sophisticated weapons, ranging from rockets, machine guns, flamethrowers, and much more. Even though it sounds simple, in fact this game has 250 levels or levels that you must complete.

18. 2020: My Country

2020: My Country

The next offline strategy game presents the game concept of building a metropolis that requires you to manage traffic in that city. Among the tasks that you will do later such as building buildings, roads, and so forth.

But in essence, you should be able to make the lives of local residents happy with the infrastructure that you build. Challenged to try it?

19. Stick War Legacy

Stick War Legacy

Have you ever played a stickman-themed game before? If so, then you will be familiar with the unique character shapes in this Stick War: Legacy game. In this game, you are assigned to control the troops with special formations and strategies to defeat your enemies.

You can use various types of weapons here, ranging from swords, knobs, arrows, and many more. In essence, you are required to destroy all your enemy territory and defeat the boss at each level.

20. Colossatron


Colossatron is an action game made by Halfbrick Studios that will give you the role of an alien who will destroy everything including attacking humans on earth.

Yes, if in most games you become a hero defender of truth, you will do different things here, because you will be a bad person. The aliens that you play are giant iron snakes that can destroy anything in front of them.

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