Top 10 Best Offline Adventure Games For Android

Best Offline Adventure Games For Android - Adventure or adventure game genre is one game that has quite a lot of enthusiasts. By playing the game we can adventure in a virtual world without the need to move from where we are today.

Well, this time AndroGame will review the 10 best Android adventure games that can be played offline. Some of these games are paid, some are free, and some are free with additional in-app purchases.

The following 0 offline Android adventure games are also no less exciting with Android MMORPG games you know. The reason is, you not only adventure around, but you will also face a variety of missions and challenges that you can conquer. There are even adventure games that make you have to fight enemies.

Best Offline Adventure Games For Android

If you are interested in a game that does not require an internet connection. So you can try the ten games that we recommend

1. Castle Illusion

Best Offline Adventure Games For Android

This game takes the theme of adventure by displaying one of Disney's characters, Mickey Mouse. This game made by Disney developers will bring players into a castle full of challenges and obstacles. You will be invited to adventure in the castle.

You must solve every challenge and also the mission that has been given from the game. Not scary, this game is actually presented with an attractive back sound with stunning visuals. Save Mickey, lover, don't make Minnie stuck in the castle too long!

2. Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy

best free offline game android

Do you want a suspenseful horror adventure game? Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy can be the right choice for you. This game provides an exciting dialogue. So, you not only play it, but you can also enjoy the dialogue that makes you carried away.

You can also choose various characters available at Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy. In the game, you will solve some exciting mysteries. Can not be underestimated, the article Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy is not easily conquered.

3. Terraria


Terraria is one adventure game that presents a unique and interesting all-round. If you play this game, then you will find a lot of unusual things, from you see the sky to the underground world in Terraria. In addition to presenting a unique graphic concept, this game also offers an exciting action-adventure.
You are not just going around here, the article you also have to fight against the enemy. More than 450 enemies and more than 20 bosses you must conquer. Another advantage is that this game can be played offline and can also be played online for Multiplayer gameplay.

4. Another World

Another World

Another World is an old game that was first released in 1990 and is now present again on Android devices. In this game, you will play a role as a physics researcher who accidentally moves himself to another world. Another World game is very unique and challenging because you will also be presented with some quite brain-racking puzzles.

You don't need to pay attention to the graphics that look outdated because this game was released more than two decades ago.

5. Ghost Town Adventure

Ghost Town Adventure

Ghost Town Adventures is one of the adventure games that you can get for free. This game begins with a story where you look for a missing grandfather. You need to be adventurous and go around to find every clue to find the grandfather.

When you are on an adventure, you will meet some ghosts. You also have to break some riddles to find the key. The key you find can be used to open other access to make it easier to find the grandfather.

6. Assasin's Creed Identity

Assasin's Creed Identity

Ubisoft not only presents the Assassin's Creed game on the PC platform, because now you can play the game on your Android phone. No less exciting with the PC version, in Assassin's Creed Identity many missions need to be completed as Assassins.

Uniquely, in this game, you can choose classes, ranging from the Berserker class, Shadow Blade, to Trickster and Thief. Most importantly, the graphics animation offered by this game is very good and feels real.

7. Broken Sword

Broken Sword

Broken Sword is the best adventure game consisting of 4 series. This game gets a lot of thumbs up from Android game critics. In this detective puzzle adventure genre game, you have to find a clue and solve various puzzles if you want to continue the adventure.

8. Leo's Fortune

Leo's Fortune

Leo's Fortune is a game that is attracting quite a lot of attention because it was played in an Android TV demo at the Google I / O 2014 event. Since then, Android gamers have begun to glance at it and many are now loyal fans.

In this game, you will play Leo, a millionaire who is now poor because his wealth was stolen. But he did not stay silent and decided to go on an adventure to rediscover his lost wealth.

9. Minecraft Pocket Edition

 Minecraft Pocket Edition

I don't think anyone can deny that Minecraft is one of the best offline adventure games on Android at the moment. In this game, you build houses, dig mines, destroy buildings, and various other activities at will. This game does not have a story so it is suitable for those of you who like open-world type games. That way, you can create your own story in a game that carries these old graphics.

10. Gemini Rue

Gemini Rue

Gemini Rue is an Android science fiction adventure game that takes place on a planet called Barracus. In this game, you will act as a former hitman named Odin and will adventure with a hospital patient named Delta-Six.

This game gets a pretty good review from its fans so that it gets a rating of 4.5 on the Google Play Store. The gameplay that it offers is also quite easy because it uses a point-and-click system.

Now that's 10 of the best Android adventure games now that you must try. All of these games can be played offline without an internet connection. If you like RPG adventure games, then you can see a list of the best games in this article.

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