Best Horror Games For Android in 2019

The development of the game world, especially the Android platform, brings up a lot of genres that you can play. One theme of the game that should not be missed is the theme of horror. Both films and games, the horror genre has become one of the favorite genres.

With the challenges given, games that are played well or are watching horror films, make people curious and challenged. In addition to horror games, games that can be played without the need for internet quotas are also increasingly popular with gamers.

Of course you can play games without quota though. Then what are the horror-themed offline Android games that you can play? Here are 7 of the most scary horror genre offline Android games!

1. Never Slept: Scary Creepy Horror 2018

Never Slept: Scary Creepy Horror 2018 is an offline Andoid horror-themed game that is quite scary. This game tells the story of a child who experienced a tragedy that was quite scary and made him a nightmare.

The mission of this game is to get out of that nightmare. The way to get out of that dream is to fight the monsters that keep chasing you. This game is quite tense, especially if you play at night.

2. The School - White Day

The School - White Day is a remake of the horror-themed game from the PC version of White Day: A Labyrinth Named School. No less than the PC version, this horror game is also interesting because you can play it on your Android without an internet connection.

In this game, told a student named Hui Min and also his friends who were cooped up in school. The mission of this game is of course looking for a way out by passing several ghosts that continue to haunt you.

3. Sophie's Curse: Horror Game

Sophie's Curse: Horror Game is a horror-themed Android game adapted from a PC game. No less than the PC version, this game is also very interesting and creepy.

In this game you will play a role as a nurse, you are assigned to look after an elderly grandfather who is sick. The mission of this game is to keep the lights on while keeping Grandpa. When the lights go out, then you should get ready to meet the ghosts that appear.

4. CASE: Animatronics - Horror game!

CASE: Animatronics is a very interesting horror game. Because this game is packaged in the FPS genre game. Moreover, you do not need a quota to play this game.

If you play this game then you will act as a detective in a police department. The mission of this game is you have to find out why the electricity in the department is dead. During overcoming this, you will be faced with creatures whose eyes are red.

5. Dead by daylight

Dead by Daylight is a horrifying horror genre offline Android game. In this game you will help a detective named John who investigates a case of the deaths of teenagers in an empty house.

Detective John doesn't believe in supernatural phenomena. But in the end John believed in the existence of the supernatural. You must help John to defeat the demons and monsters in the empty house.

6. Granny

The next suspenseful horror game is Granny. Granny which means a grandmother is a very stressful Android game. You will be locked in the grandma's house.

The mission of this game is you have to find a way to get out of the grandmother's house. But not as easy as imagined, because you have to be careful. You can't make a sound that lets the grandmother know that you're coming out.

7. Evil Killer

The next offline horror game is Evil Killer. Game Evil Killer tells 3 friends who are Allen, Ben and Shawn. The three of them are enjoying summer vacation.

However, the three teenagers were actually lost in an uninhabited city. Besides being uninhabited, the city is also covered by thick fog. The mission of this game is to get out of the city, but you have to face the demons that interfere throughout the city.

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