Best 8 Paid Game For Android in 2019

Paid Android Games

Most Android users would prefer to play free games on the Play Store. But once in a while there is nothing wrong if you try paid games.
Paid games usually provide a variety of more exciting gameplay and more exclusive features than free games. So if there is more sustenance, maybe you can try paid games.

The Best Paid Android Game

Intrigued by any paid game that is fun to play? Androgame recommends the 8 best paid android games that you can try.

1. Assassin's Creed Identity

Assassin's Creed Identity

First there's Assassin's Creed Identity, an Action-RPG type game that will take you on an adventure into an assassin. Players will do a variety of exciting things such as adjusting the character's equipment, completing missions, honing fighting skills, and much more.

We do not doubt the quality of the graphics of this paid action game because it is so detailed. So in addition to having an exciting gameplay, Assassin's Creed Identity also spoil the eyes of the players. Interested in buying paid Android games with the best graphics?

2. Need for Speed ​​™ Most Wanted

Need for Speed ​​™ Most Wanted

Other best paid Android games have Need for Speed ​​™ Most Wanted which allows you to chase cool cars like SRT Viper GTS, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Hummer H1 Alpha, and many more.

There are various exciting missions and events waiting for you. The quality of the graphics did not disappoint and almost matched the game console. So you can see realistic visual effects when a car breaks down until it breaks.

3. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Next is Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the best Minecraft game ever made by developers. The graphic quality is fairly unique in the form of block boxes that resemble objects, animals, humans, and so on.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition includes an Android survival game that requires you to save yourself and survive from the evil creatures that come to you when the sun sets.

4. Lost Journey

Lost Journey

One of the many collection of paid android games is Lost Journey. This game tells the story of a little girl who has died and your job is to help Jenifer find the door to Heaven.

Lost Journey does indeed only have 2D graphic display. Even so this game made by DreamSky has received various awards from prestigious android game nominations, so you no longer need to doubt the quality of this offline adventure game.

5. Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper will make you play an assassin who makes killing a livelihood. Here you will use sniper weapons in every mission.

As Agent 47, you are delegated various missions and gripping tasks such as killing targets with Sniper, taking files, opening weapons, and honing your shooting skills to uncover a secret.

6. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The best paid game for other Androids is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which is familiar among gamers. You will play Carl Johnson (CJ) who lives in Los Santos and has close friends like you, Big Smoker and Rider.

There are various exciting things you can do such as romping with the police, fighting between gangs, and so forth. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an open-world game that can make you forget the time because you are exploring a vast world.

7. Kingdom Rush Origins

Kingdom Rush Origins is a paid strategy game that is fun to play. The task of the player is to protect the entrance from enemy attacks and set the strategy on the tower that you have prepared.

Kingdom Rush Origins has simple graphics and you will be impressed by the excitement of this game. Players can put troops along the map, upgrade, to use power-ups at the right time.

8. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Next is Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour which is recommended for Aciton-FPS game enthusiasts. This game made by Gameloft has good story quality, graphics, and gameplay.

We can play the exciting Campaign mode or more challenging multiplayer. Also invite your friends to be able to feel the exciting sensation of fighting together.

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