8 Best Battle Royale Game For Android In 2019

best battle royale game for android

Battle royale-themed games are booming lately. Just imagine in one war you will play with 40 to 100 players to survive and win the battle.

That, of course, will bring excitement because you have to be prepared to attack and defend from enemy ambushes. Because there is only one player or team that can survive until the end and wins.

Do you want to try the battle game Royale and are confused about choosing the game you want to install? Calm down, AndroGame profit 8 of the best battle royale games you can try.

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1. PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is the most popular war game on PC. Now Tencent Games releases PUBG Mobile for the Android platform to reach a wider market. This game uses Unreal Engine 4 technology that gives a stunning visual appearance.

Just look at the rich graphics, realistic gameplay effects, and large HD maps for Battle Royale. Thus providing a fun experience playing battle royale. Interested in downloading the best android battle royale game?

2. Knives Out

Like Rules of Survival, Knives Out has the same publisher, NetEase Games. Knives Out present a battle with 100 players fighting on one island simultaneously, with a map area of ​​6.4 square km. From the exciting and thrilling battle that will leave only 1 player who can survive as a winner.

3. Rules of Survival

The next battle royale game, Rules of Survival, first appeared in 2017. The battle royale genre game arrived on mobile earlier before PUBG Mobile.

In its latest update, Rules of Survival has a map area of ​​8 square km and supports up to 300 (initially 120) players simultaneously.

Like similar games, Rules of Survival has stunning 3D graphics and easy-to-control game controls. For fans of the battle royale game, Rules of Survival is worth a try.

4. FortCraft

FortCraft has the same development team as Rules of Survival. So do not be surprised if this game has the same style, similar graphics, and techniques to build the same castle with Fortnite.

In this game, you are given the freedom to create and build a fortress to survive. So you have to look for resources in a 4 square km map to build a fort.

5. Free Fire

To win the Free Fire Battlegrounds game you are required to survive, such as the battle royale genre in general. In this game, you will be placed on a desert island along with 49 other players.

The thing you have to do is kill each other to survive in the middle of a battlefield that gets smaller and smaller over time.

6. Last Battleground: Survival

Last Battleground: Survival will put you with 40 other players on an island without weapons. Your task is to find weapons and use them with other items to defeat your opponent.

Over time the island's safe zone is getting smaller, and certain areas will also be bombarded. The safe zone will change randomly in every game, giving players a fresh experience that is refreshed each time.

7. Grand Battle Royale: Pixel War

The final battle royale game is Grand Battle Royale: Pixel War which has a Minecraft-style checkered / pixel graphic so it looks funnier. From the graphic display, this game is different from other battle royale games.

Even though it looks funny, you have to survive by defeating other enemies. You will fight on a distant island surrounded by the sea with a mysterious Blue Zone. Your main task is to stay in the safe zone and eliminate all your enemies.

You need a special strategy to win the game whether it's a solo player or a team player. Over time, the safe zone will get smaller and you need tactics to survive until the end of the game. 

8. Survivor Royale

Survivor Royale is a battle royale game made by NetEase. In this game, you can fight alone or join your team in 2 or 4 player mode to defeat other teams.

Survivor Royale is made by the same development team as Rules of Survival. This 100-player game also features impressive graphics.

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